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PHOENIX "Succession program"

In June, the "Succession planning" talent management program was launched with the aim of personal empowerment, development of skills and competencies to take on new roles when the company needs it.These are their impressions about the program:

"We all know that working on the development of your team members, improving their skills, motivation, and as a result, their willingness to take on more complex and responsible tasks, or to be ready for new, higher positions, is an indispensable and perhaps the most important part of every leader's work. The training provided by the company met expectations, that is, it gave us clear definitions of terms such as mentoring or coaching, structure and practical guidelines for conducting development discussions, managing the mentoring process, but also a broader picture related to team management. My special impression is a very skilled lecturer, who adapted the content and dynamics of the training to the group, energy and expressed needs of the different participants." - Dragan Dulić

"When you are focused on a certain area that is specific, like HR, then trainings like this make your day different and give you the opportunity to expand your knowledge and also to see everything that can be useful to you when you need to get out of your comfort zone. We are often not aware of this until the situation happens, that's why trainings like this are always a valuable resource." - Nataša Puškar

"The trainings helped us gain a broader picture of the company, see things from different angles, as well as get many useful tools that we will apply in the future." I am very glad that this was an opportunity to get to know many colleagues better, as well as those with whom I have not cooperated so far." - Vladimir Filipovski