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II Pharmacy and Affirmation

After that, we also awarded the most successful colleagues in the field of development of the BENU counseling center, and then we devoted ourselves to the professional part, which this time was called "Hypertension and dyslipidemia" and then our fellow pharmacists from BETTY pharmacies joined us.

Today's diseases do not know gender, age, age, lifestyle and profession. That's why our eminent lecturers talked about new achievements and challenges in the treatment of these diseases through interesting topics and discussion, and our colleagues from pharmacies led by the inspiring Master Nikolina Skorupan supplemented the topics with their results from practice and showed how much work, effort and love is needed towards the job so that success is guaranteed.

A break in our program was made by visits to the stands of our partners, whose support was not absent this time either. And what pleases us are the comments that this is one of the professional gatherings with the largest number of dedicated participants, as well as one of the most attractive in terms of the program and organization of accompanying activities.


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