DC Belgrade





  • Space of 2400m2
  • Capacity of storage space 696 palettes, 689m of shelves, 800 channels of gravitational shelves, connected with a moving belt
  • Electric forklifts for inside and outside traffic
  • Three freezers for storaging goods with two temperature regimes 5˚C- 15˚C and 2˚C-8˚C, capacity of 10 pal-24 pal
  • HVAC (automatic remote heating, ventilation and air-conditioning system)
  • Electronic monitoring of temperatures and humidity in the warehouse
  • Power generating unit with 0 sec start time
  • Contemporary IT logistic system FARMOS


  • Total number of delivery vehicles 35 (pick ups, vans and trucks)
  • 3 vans in the cold chain regime (2-8c)
  • All vehicles are mapped (GPS)
  • Each line is defined by a route of rounds and sequence of delivery to the customers
  • „Good morning each morning“ 90%
  • The territory of the city of Belgrade is covered with 7 rounds each day (approximately 1400km in a single day)
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