The experience and expertise of our employees marks the difference between a successful company and the others.

That is why we pay special attention tour employees and their motivation and education.


A professional approach and adaptability are the main features of our team. We believe in the importance of each individual and we ofeer everybody a chance to create their own role within a team.


We strive to be innovative and, learning from each other, answer the growing market demands.


If you become a member of our team, you will have a chance to work in a pleasant and productive work environment, with a high potential to be promoted and to continue developing your professional expertise. The company expects motivation, dedication, persistence and observance of the corporate standards within a multinational environment.


We will enable you to live out your ambitions since our priority is to promote and put all professional potentials to the best possible use.


Whether you see yourself in direct contact with the customers and suppliers, in distribution or logistic support, whether you wish to apply for an existing position or shall do so aiming for future ones, it will be our pleasure to have contact with you.

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